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February 6, 2019


last full day of strawbale winternship was busy
and magical, starting with outdoors transformed
into creaking crystal forest, ice encrusted trees,
eggshell earth crunching underfoot. pascal and i
built out a simple loft atop existing closet using
a combo of timber knee braces from roundpole
workshop and dimensional lumber. i braved
the glazed roads to lay in supplies for a farewell soiree--
port, merlot, chocolate, and Imperial. for closing ceremony we
carried candles and toured the property, bowing to all the sites where
we'd been active harvesting, building, cooking, learning, practicing, and
communing. there were so many! we felt our way through the silent woods
to the edge of swamp where our voices and birdcalls echoed back to us over
the ice. it ended with a fire and song in the sauna, a last group selfie in the dark,
illuminated by a single candle, Deanne's invocation still resonating in our hearts:

may the spirit of stone
lay our foundation
may the spirit of wood
build our framework
may the spirit of mud
bind us together
may the spirit of love
unite us as one