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January 30, 2019

life seems longer when you slow down. not a new idea but it's rare i get a chance to live it. today at strawbale i prepared breakfast--slow-cooked potatoes, brussels sprouts, and omelettes. that itself is saying something--who has 45 minutes before the day is even started? normally i don't, but "normally" is another word for your time's been sold. or maybe your soul's been timed down to split second? we watched birds feed, wondered if they ever get cold feet. here comes the polar vortex, last gasp of melting ice caps. slow it down, please! then we had class, agreed to just one hour of putting what we learned into practice. six hours later, i still wasn't finished and didn't want to put down my project, but my body was hurting from hunching and gripping knives too tightly. living in the moment, we become cats, kind of oblivious...