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February 5, 2019

today was edgy, liminal, on the cusp between
freeze and thaw, the melting drop hesitates,
quivers, falls. our time is winding down, on
  the brink of being here, then gone. there was a
  slight tension, confusion about intentions, but
we worked it out. then i got a phone call from
far off, a relationship that ended in a pall, a
little bit of ill will that lingered like smoke
from a candle prematurely snuffed out. but
four years on, bygones are bygones and i felt
good about him reaching out and though it
took a while, here we are, reconciled. water
follows many paths--evaporates as a gas,
condenses in a cloud, precipitates as snow,
gets packed into ice under the weight of its
fellows, melts and refreezes, finally lets go.

whatever the state, embrace the flow.