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January 8, 2019

first full day at strawbale studio, mostly
orientation but already filling notebook with
new terms and concepts--coppice,
sway, gall,
doctrine of signatures, tadelakt, hügelkultur--
along with at least one maxim with broader
"learn 40 uses of 1 plant
before learning 1 use of 40 plants."

the main house looks out on a variety
of round pole structures clad in cob
and roofed with thatch--examples
of what we're here to learn

past that, a small forest and partially
frozen swamp
; mossed over rockpiles
attest to 19th century field clearing for
agriculture. young trees of uniform age
speak to quick reclamation when farming
was abandoned, among which this elder
oak stands out, stolid witness to change.

the woods are bisected by a clearcut swath, path of a pipeline
with a tragic past
that pumps 500,000 barrels of petroleum per day.

with every step, our host and teacher Deanne shares another bit of seven decades of mindful experience. yet
for all her knowledge, one could see she hasn't lost her sense of wonder as she took time to literally hug a tree.