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December 30, 1998

Hayes had cut his thumb demonstrating Leatherman safety to his nephew Flanna dreds Wes's hair [photos by Sarah]
latecomer Alex said little
sarah strums, the cigarette is snug
After breaking the seal on a bottle of Maker's we spent all night in the smoking car with Flanna (her parents had hoped for a boy to be named Flanagan), Casey, Hayes, and Wes. We smoked Casey's homegrown but powerful shake in the ladies lounge and Casey and Wes took turns at the guitar. Casey got off a good refrain with, "Buy all you can, buy all you can, buy all you can...." He pitied our visit earlier that day to the Mall of America, where Sarah and I thought about riding the rollercoaster but instead settled for a Sbarro pie which we devoured in the parking garage listening to an NPR bull session about reason versus intuition led by the director of the Ayn (rhymes with mine) Rand Institute.