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September 28, 2022

                                                                     for all of 2023, we're
                                                        moving from a walkscore 95 to 0
               and i'm gonna miss running pleasant little errands of the type
for which this worksman was designed. back on the
job, i tried disabling the genie lift's piercing beeper
and i think i found the right wire 'cause
disconnecting it set off an even more
obnoxious alarm. resigned, i spent
my third day in the bucket. it's
like being on a boat, gave me
sea legs.

                 despite being whupped, i made it out
              to joketellers union with dave and andy,               the story of how i missed my chance
             two recent alabama transplants who had                to see Prince play a secret after hours show many
           never met. SRO, we took turns sharing the             years ago. it was put to a vote and i won the prize of
          last two barstools. when it was my time to              skeleton candy (that was too cute to eat). waiting for the
        stand, the floor seemed to heave under me.               bus, i read the lost pet posters: desperate-acting cat and a dog
      for the audience participation segment, i told             with an identity crisis. i hope like me they find their way home.