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September 2, 2022
 "Another flaw in the human character is
  that everybody wants to build and nobody
  wants to do maintenance." -Kurt Vonnegut
slow leak in front tire had kept us from using
GG the Grocery Getter lately so i finally got
down to it with a bucket of water to chase the
puncture and sure enough i spotted the telltale
bubble trail. turns out the inside of the rim got
so corroded a rust flake pierced the inner tube. so
i sanded the wheel inside and out. i've done this before
but this time i wanted it to last so after i got it nice and
shiny i painted it black. it's such a battle-scarred ride people assume it's derelict but i explained to curious passersby how it's a former boeing bike, a nigh indestructible workhorse manufactured by worksman, america's oldest bicycle company.