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September 26, 2022
spacer It always amazes me how any moron with a credit card can rent heavy equipment, but here we are, swaying in the bucket of a 40-foot articulated aerial lift to make some urgent repairs to the exterior of our 113-year-old building. I had a healthy amount of apprehension in undertaking this task, all the moreso because some residents are forever haunted by a horrific accident 20 years ago when a rookie painter lifted himself into a power line, caught fire, and plunged dead to the ground--all because he was trying to get a better view of the Blue Angels, which is just one more reason not to like them. So I set the speed control firmly to turtle and enlisted a neighbor to spot for me as I cautiously figured out the operation and range of motion of this versatile tool. Suddenly I smelled something burning. Was it the worker's ghost? Nah, only smoke.