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July 23, 2021

christmas came early this year for fans
of genre films and drive-in theaters--the
mahoning is saved! slated for demo-
lition by, of all things, a solar farm, public outcry turned the tide and it's likely they'll be able to keep lighting up the night for 72 more years. as luck had it, sarah's latest installation is just 12 miles away, so we took a break by taking in their horrific christmas in july double feature even though sarah is squeamish when it comes to gore, suspense, and violence--which typically rules out about half of all movies. but she's a good sport and went along with it even after a hard week of squatting in the grass, twisting it into living braids.
i bought $5 of fun at supermarket (note yellow bat) and we whiffed and walloped in remote corner of field where we also scored dozens of left behind tent stakes. the killer-santa bill wasn't too inspiring but i was intrigued by christmas evil, a movie championed by john waters. it was ok+ and i'll add it to my holiday rotation. like many low budget flics, it doesn't play by hollywood rules and has a genuinely surprising ending. between waiting for dark plus lengthy intermission, the night dragged on longer than expected and sarah dealt with it by curling up in back of borrowed subaru wagon. still, it was a welcome diversion because i'm up for xmas in any form every day of the year
at the drivein