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July 25, 2021

  I went 20 years without owning a motor vehicle and oh how I long for those carefree, car-free days.
Been more or less held hostage by a clutch pedal problem that three different mechanics over the course of three
and half months have been unable to diagnose, let alone solve. It's been in and out of the latest place so much since June they should install a revolving door. They've replaced part after part, some more than once, but still it ultimately fails, as it did again this morning. Was just barely able to get it in gear, so once I did I drove it right back to the shop. Stranded and

     delayed, we took some consolation with a visit to this free public pool just blocks from our place, joined by Leroy, his
        daughter Izzy, and Sarah's collaborator Ji Sun. Then          we ate our troubles away at an old school Italian place with
           a style of cocktail menu my parents might have                ordered from in the '70s. The tiramisu was quite good, too.