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May 27, 2021

My best friends and I were typical '80s adolescent gorehounds. High school weekends started with a trip to Video Vinnie's on a quest for the most outrageous horror VHS rentals in existence. I don't know why, but we did that. Blame Reagan. Among all the schlock, one film stood out. Until I saw it, I'd been nothing more than a gleeful surface level viewer, thrilling to shocks and effects, but Dawn of the Dead woke me up to the layers and nuance that could exist in cinema.

Sarah alerted me to tonight's rare screening at
 historic Mahoning Drive-in Theater and it was
 a no-brainer to go on a pilgrimage to see it. With
 Scott Reiniger and Gaylen Ross in attendance, I hoped
for a talk or QnA, but mainly it was long lines of aficionados clutching memorabilia to be autographed for a fee. The listless horde inched forward, implacable... a bit ironic given the flic's anti-consumerist thrust. I left the truck and plopped a camp chair front and center because above all I was there to watch the film, which was even better than I remembered. Today's zombie genre arose in Pennsylvania, so it was a gas to see Dawn on an epic screen not far from where it was shot.