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May 29, 2021


art is largely about gesture and SCALE. this monumental
 sculpture, for all its epic size, can never touch the clouds, but
we read longing and grace into its outstretched appendages,
the elongated ballerina legs like stilts to bump its shrunken,
de-intellectualized cranium against the lintel of heaven.
well, that's one overcooked take, but i did project a trace of
humanity onto this scrap of cut wire, a bit of residue from
taking apart a false start on the Sun Catcher at DEEC.
(one way reeds are attached: stainless steel strands
are threaded through the bundles, ends bent into a
loop and pulled taut with a specialized twisting tool
that snugs the sways. there is no undo key; starting
over means snipping and untying, running the
 whole film in reverse.) for fun, i set its feet into
cracks of railing to which armature is affixed. i
had time to toy with these notions while sarah
put the finishing touches on the large arch.
while grateful for the overcast, the downpours
on the long drive down had us concerned, but
they abated as if on cue and we were able to
close the books on this first phase and return
the rented scaffold just a few days late.