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May 21, 2021

I find it helpful to throw my hands up in bafflement
and frustration and yell at the sky, "How the hell are
we going to do this?" Admitting defeat kind of clears
preconceptions away and resets the thought process.
It was hard enough lifting the long, heavy, lopsided
arch components
off the scaffold we used as a dolly,
but standing one up and straddling the railing with it
and holding it steady enough to scribe cut marks for
removal of various excess lengths... well, I lost sleep
over that. There's much potential
just itching for release
when you lift high an object
that large and unwieldy.
spacer I'd never built a pulley system before, but if the ancients could
do it, why not me? I was real nervous about it, walked everyone
through what we were going to do, stressing the importance of
safety... then grazed my knee on a sharp edge and couldn't tell
how deep it was as blood started running quick down my shin.
I grabbed a paper towel and duct taped it all the way around. It
was merely a flesh wound and we managed to get it up fair and
--only to discover the fabricator had provided
too-small base flanges so once again progress was
stopped in its tracks.
But at least no one
got killed, so there
was that.