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May 26, 2021


Some cities are concrete jungles; Philly is more of an asphalt swamp, oppressively humid and hot. Had the day more or less off except for continuing scavenger hunt for the last missing 3/4" pipe fittings to finish the portable shrine. Shortages abound, and it's taken many visits to various places to get this far. Luckily, the Blue and Orange are within walking distance, so I paced myself, lingered in the shadows of I-95 overpass en route to Lowe's, which provided a couple more pieces of the puzzle, then took the edge off the heat with a boozy slushee, sipped in sparse shade of spindly parking lot tree at Home Depot as I watched the irresolute perambulations of an elderly couple in outdoor nursery who exhibited the intimate disinterest common to old marrieds, drifting apart, browsing separately, but ultimately reuniting to depart as one.