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Picture of the Day
  March 15, 2021

had a day to kill in evanston, WY
sunny, dry, no-jacket warm, hard
to believe the interstate ahead
still closed days after a little
, every curb crowded
with big rigs sidetracked from
their crucial missions. i walked in
search of micro sd card and tooth
brush, past billboards, vape shops,
& gambling salons. walmart is the
only option, old hearse in parking
lot as loudspeaker pumped out '80s
dance jams
. bought some chocks in
automotive, where sales associate
sneezed and i thought, that's it, i'm
done for, so many portents, all the
ammo sold out except for one last
box of shells, someone's little jest.
this town was born of a railroad
stop, forests fed to locomotives,
then generations of boom and bust
extraction--mines, oil, natural gas.
the frustration is palpable, finds an
outlet in oversized exhaust pipes
and gun barrels.