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  March 16, 2021

 Day Two dazin' at Days Inn in Evanston 
 because the I-80 closure's been extended 
 another 20 or so hours. Good thing Sarah 
 and I changed our cross country plans at 
 more or less the last minute. Initially we 
 thought we'd drive out together, she and 
 I and Miso crammed in the truck with a 
 whole bunch of stuff, but in the end she 
 flew with kitty in carrier under her seat. 
 We figured one day on a plane would be 
 easier to bear than three in a truck. Three? 
 Ha ha! Four and counting and I'm not even 
 halfway there. If we'd all driven she would 
 have been stuck like this similar li'l tabby, 
 bored and forlorn--or am i just projecting? 
 Cats on the brain, I spent two hours setting 
 up an appointment with a Philadelphia vet. 
 Miso is in decline and we want to do our 
 best to provide a gentle terminal path.  :-(