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  March 14, 2021


woke up after strange dreams in a Baker City, Oregon motel. settled into roadmind, listening to an otherwise excellent cinema podcast where one co-host often mispronounces fairly common words (bravado, comely, biopic) as well as some legendary names (Michael Curtiz, Nurse Ratched, Milos Forman), as if she'd learned the language from reading more than a social milieu. got to wondering why i'm so annoyed by mispronunciation then it sort of hit me--as the child of immigrants, i wanted nothing more than to fit in, but my ESL parents with their heavy accents and malopropisms made me cringe in front of my standard issue american peers. so even decades later, i find mispronunciation irritating, to where it undermines my faith in supposed authorities' expertise.    yesterday was mentally tough, such a long drive ahead, but today i settled into a sort of zoned out zen state roaring down Idaho and Utah highways at 80 mph. it helped that it was sunny and the roads were mostly straight. Wyoming was a different matter, less traffic and winding curves between majestic rock formations. got as far as Evanston where a readerboard informed me I-80 was closed ahead. one thousand miles so far from Seattle and not a drop of rain, but apparently a blizzard had just dumped record amounts on my intended route. well. i booked a room at Days Inn and was delighted to learn their hot tub was open and i had it to myself, soaked and stretched and floated in circles, reveling in that unencumbered feeling one gets from travel--whether cross country, intercontinental, or back to the womb.