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June 1, 2019

spacer.gif had trouble choosing between these two pictures
so i just jammed them together. one's the inside
of 100-year old door latch mechanism with a
broken spring
. i took it and a similar one apart
to cannibalize but the guts were different so i
just went with the functional one even though
it has no lock. well, surprise, what caused the
broken spring was a bathroom door warped
 out of shape, so i solved one problem only to
  discover a larger causation loomed. someone
texted to remind me it was nice out so i rode
to TJ's for (temporary bachelor) necessities:
frozen pizza, eggs, etc.... on the way i saw
  a lone duck living large in a gutter puddle.
what was it trying to tell me--you can have
the world yet choose to wallow in turbitude?
TJ's was out of their signature cheap scotch,
which i guess was for the best anyway. back
home, as i locked up to bike rack out front,
a dogwalking neighbor expressed surprise that
someone was still using it because she'd never
 seen it moved. "it's our grocery getter!" a $10
Worksman bought 20 years ago from Boeing.