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June 2, 2019


i enjoy work that takes me beautiful places. i've been
pitching in sporadically at rockland woods since before
it even had a name. it's cool to see how much it's grown.
had some time to myself before starting a new project
(framing a crapper in barn loft, if you must know), so
i took to the marked trails, which i somehow didn't
foresee would be so winding and remote feeling. i
started on red, switched briefly to blue, then stuck
with orange because it seemed to go the deepest.
markers were few, the trail indistinct, crowded
with ferns that carpeted it into obscurity. all of
a sudden i was lost, for real. well, it's only 15
and i had a phone with me so i could
always get out that way, but even so there was
a fleeting sense of panic, an ancestral residue,
like catching your balance after almost falling
off a ladder. if you ever need a cheap thrill, try
losing yourself for a minute. (don't overdo it.)
after exploring several dead ends, i finally
did consult my pocket oracle and saw just
how far off the mark i'd been. you can try
following the sun but you'll never catch it.
got back just in time for lunch, surprised to
see Precious, Fremont Coffee barista from
the way back days, probably 10 years, less
than an inch of growth for one of these