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May 31, 2019

 having a dedicated workspace has 
 been really helpful to editing OAC
 first time i've had an extra special 
 studio for artistic focusing unless 
 you count amtrak roomettes, off-grid 
 maui trailer, remote BC cabin, tiny 
 czech village, various states of mind. 
 i guess part of arting is being able to 
 shut out the rest of the stupid world. 
 stupid is not an insult, it's just short 
 hand for how we lose touch when we 
 subscribe to rote repetitions. creating 
 requires a suspension of disbelief, 
 imagination run wild in a pillow fort. 
 my ritual of the moment is to 8 bus 
 to yesler and 27th, then walk through 
 frink park, so overgrown and lush, a 
 forgotten corner of this planned yet 
 thoughtless city. i further detach by 
 stepping aboard my bucket of a boat, 
 one of the happiest places i've known. 
 there i am free to build a new reality, 
 not better nor worse per se, but one 
 that operates on its own internal logic. 
 everything else has become too much.