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May 27, 2019

swimming is my personal heaven
so it's only fitting that Amber
here looks like an angel as she
hits the water. 11 of us went
out  on Thomas's boat Vive for
a lively cruise across white-
capped Elliott Bay to Blakely
Rock, where the water was
warm enough to stay in
for a few minutes--about
52℉, i'd guess. it
was invigorating
and the latticework of
golden hour sunshine
reflections playing on               the hull
was hypnotic, filled me      with a feeling that
consciousness itself calls the universe into
existence. that might sound solipsistic but i
mean it more in the way Vonnegut answers
THE BIG QUESTION: What is the purpose
of life?...
To be the eyes and ears and conscience
of the Creator of the Universe, you fool!

maybe! but the way i felt it today
is that perception itself is creation
and that makes every moment divine....