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March 17, 2018

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rajayttajat album cover
uz jsme doma hollywood
                                        album cover
MDC album cover
let them eat jellybeans
let them eat jellybeans
                                        album cover
colour field
abner jay
johnny cash ride this train
                                        album cover
eruption 1980
let them eat jellybeans
DEATH lp cover
phantom of the paradise lp
bukowski king of poets cd
best of marcel marceau lp
I made my first mix tapes almost 40 years ago. As a child, I'd sit hunched over a clunky mono cassette recorder, fingers poised over the REC button, waiting for favorite songs to come over the alarm clock radio in my bedroom, sitting silent and still because it was recording over the air from speaker to built-in microphone, no way to jack them together for internal connection, shushing anyone foolish enough to make a sound during this sensitive process. My technology has improved somewhat though I still manage to get the levels wrong at times. Forgive me! Today I had the luxury of spending the day at home, cleaning, organizing fasteners (hence the tape's title), and trolling through my records, some of which have been appearing on mixes since the '80s. (I still milk that Let Them Eat Jellybeans! compilation especially hard--which is why it's pictured three times here.) I'm on a cassette kick lately because I have wheels with a tape deck for the first time in 20 years. Let the good times roll!

LOOSE SCREWS - side A side B
book of mormon lp cover
hair movie soundtrack lp
ice t iceberg lp cover
easy rider soundtrack lp
shaggs lp cover
fugs first lp cover
moondog lp cover
little fyodor lp cover
turtles lp cover
country teasers lp cover
gbc bee thousand lp cover
robert millis lonesome high
                                        lp cover
eddy detroit lp cover
al garcia lp cover
songmasters LP cover
alvarius b lp cover
moondog lp cover