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March 15, 2018

Postcard from Hell (C.O.D. fro'
                                4Shadows) which do you prefer: a full
or empty day? i like mine full, like
the stomach of a marine iguana--they eat
seaweed, let the sun cook it in their guts as they bask
on seaside volcanic rocks. or so vonnegut says in galapagos.
i yearn for integration, and wow am i getting it, working for co-op
where i live, chatting with neighbors as i improve our mutual infrastructure.
and the ripples reach to Horizon Books, where i dragged two fruit crates of merch,
delighted by the clickety-clack of hard wheels on sidewalk cracks, forgot the danger of my
magic camera, the one that sets things in motion with release of shutter button
. seattle has a driving
problem, awkward as first-time sex, unsure of where or when to enter. a boxy volvo casts long shadow
across intersection, ghost from the past. we need to get along. the good news is that's what got us this far.