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March 22, 2018

TRAGIC MULATTO i don't mind
MEN'S RECOVERY PROJECT 700 story building
OLD TIME RELIJUN king of nothing
GEORGE PAOA maui boy
DEL RUBIO TRIO neutron dance
DANIEL JOHNSTON speeding motorcycle
WEBSPINNERS peter's nightmare
WHITE NOISE here come the fleas
ZOOM witches brew
DAVID rain intro
SESAME STREET cookie's rhyming song
NEIL YOUNG the needle and the damage done
BRIAN JONESTOWN MASSACRE straight up and down
JANIS JOPLIN tell momma
CROSBY, STILLS & NASH wooden ships
ZOOM zoom theme/close
      THE FALL hey luciani
      GUIDED BY VOICES it's like soul man
      DOORS when the music's over
      IRON MAIDEN aces high
      DEEP PURPLE maybe i'm a leo?
      JOHNNY HODGES jeep bounced back
      SHORT STUFF let's straighten it out
      SIMON & GARFUNKEL richard cory
      CHIPMUNKS i love a rainy night
      PAUL SIMON kodachrome
      FLEETWOOD MAC blue letter
      PETER & GORDON lady godiva

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I've been excited by music ever since before I brought Candy
to show-and-tell and twerked my ass off in kindergarten.
I went through a lot of phases and interests, most of which
I stand by today (better to not mention Styx and Billy Joel).
In high school I was lucky to live within range of WLIR and
the three NYC stations where hip-hop was being invented:
WKTU, Kiss FM, and WBLS. Radio seemed revolutionary!
Speaking of, stoked to see Pussy Riot at Chop Suey tonight.
I was so pumped I stayed up way late making yet another
mix tape, this time the B team--the dregs and duplicates I
have listed for sale at discogs. Adding to the weirdness, my
tape deck is going, so there's a wacky warble evident. Enjoy?