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New Horizon is a monthly literary 'zine published in partnership with Horizon Books, one of Seattle's oldest used bookstores--47 years in continual operation, under new management as of 2018.

Our mission is to publish good writing on any topic, in any style, by anybody, from anywhere.
Funny, sad; earnest, ironic; topical, timeless. As long as it rings true, we want to publish you!
We have no advertisers to offend and we're not interested in being too polite, so let it rip.
NO DEADLINES, NO THEMES. The shape of our publication is determined by what we receive.

We encourage submissions in languages other than English so long as a translation is provided (for side-by-side publication).

Preference is given to short works (poems under 50 lines, prose of 300 words or less). We consider longer works but our aim is to create a forum for as many different voices per issue as possible.

We also seek visual art--comics, graphics, photos, etc--so long as it reproduces well in black-and-white and fits our 8.5"h x 5.5"w page size. For visual art submissions, please provide a link to where we can download the work.

To submit, use the form below, or send via snailmail to:

New Horizon
c/o Horizon Books
1423 10th Avenue
Seattle WA 98122 USA

(Please include a self-addressed stamp envelope if you want your submission returned.)

Our publication is intended to serve as a rallying point for the community, with each new issue greeted by a mid-month release party/reading at the store. Please indicate below if you would be available to participate in person.

Thank you!

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