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January 18, 2012
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Sarah and I were indulging the usual screensuck
even as the world was being erased outside our
window. She works from home and I don't know
what the hell I am doing. Luckily, Adria and Craig
came over so we went on a snow adventure. We
made it as far as the alley behind our place when I
noticed the couple inches accumulation was the best
packing snow ever. I made a ball and started rolling it
down the gentle grade--it picked up everything below
it all the way down to the pavement. It was a revelation
for Adria who, having grown up on Hawaii, hadn't quite
understood the literalness of "snowball effect." By the
time we made it the short way to Kenny and Anna-Stina's
yard at the bottom of the slope there was nowhere to go
but stop. And build up.
Adria and Craig sculpted the face,
imbedded rocks for eyes. With sticks for armature we gave
her arms. 'Stina warmed our hands with mugs of hot buttered
rum and our adventure ended a snowball's throw from where
it'd begun. What's better than loving where you already are?