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January 6, 2012

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Is this video presentation correct?

Please cast your vote by emailing me the old-fashioned way, based on options below:

[  ] Yes, everything is shit
[  ] No, not everything is shit
[  ] I need more evidence
[  ] I'd rather not express an opinion
[  ] Could I have some time to think it over?

Results of this democratic process will be posted ASAP

                        rob (at) zverina . com
As promised, results of informal but scientifically valid poll. I include unsolicited commentary. If you want yours removed, email me.

[x] Yes, everything is shit ~FL

Since i was covered in dog shit just the other day, (after the poop bag I was carrying turned out to have a big hole in it) i don't need anymore evidence to concur with Herzog, everything is indeed shit. ~DS

I would be content if, indeed, everything did eventually turn to shit, but alas, plastic is here to stay. So my sad answer is option #2, no not everything is shit some of it is worse.
Taking it deeper, I see his point in the broader cosmic scheme of things, most everything we humans can conceive is meaningless shit, but we have to find a way to make it relevant for our here-and-now, else wed all despair. Unfortunately, like my comment re plastic, the things that are likely to survive and transcend human-kind are all awful (shit?) like nuclear waste, the end of biodiversity, the death of our planet. Nothing to be proud of. Bummer. ~CK

But Don Knotts isnt shit. He is America. Fuck Yeah! ~BA

Well, depending upon your perspective you might choose any of these, and you would then be "right" I suppose for that moment.
But, since you want me to express an opinion:
[ x ] I'd rather not express an opinion
I realize I have been working on not expressing opinions since at least 2000 or so. I'm getting better but it is still a difficult practice. ~JC

Holy shit! ~LK

I need more evidence ~JM

you're not joking
my Mother's favorite expression is "life is shit"
it sort of started as a joke with her, but as the years go by it takes on more serious shading...
actually sort of a depressing meme to have implanted in your brain from a young age...
though in a way it is also positive: we are all born of the excrement of what has gone before and that implies rebirth, rising phoenix like from the ashes and decay...
which is what I think you were getting at with your string theory (stringy shits are the worst...always happens when I swallow dental floss by accident)
though on a more superficial level life sure can be crappy trying to make ends meet and ignore the current presidential political grand standing! ~RM

With the history of the world and especially the history of RIGHT NOW, everything is shit. That is the most intellectual way I can speak of our lives. I been listening to Amy Goodman for 10 years. We all in the shitter and it's getting fuller all the time. Look at the evidence of our senses. I'm grateful you keep writing. It's one of the few connections I have to the rest of the world right now. Keep on keeping on Rob Zverina. ~NY

[x] No, not everything is shit. Chin up, Robert! The world is changing... ~KD

Well, I am not sure that we need to be quite so negative about it ("shit" is laden with some pretty nasty connotations, considering all the nutritious stuff in good old shit (meaning "good old shit" isn't yet "shit" in the sense you mean, but will be some day)), but on the whole I think I can with only slight qualification agree: yes, everything is, or will be, shit. ~DA

[X] Yes, everything is shit ~LP

[X] No, not everything is shit, but sometimes it is. ~RL

No, not everything is shit, although I agree, a lot turns to shit. This is not a bad thing.
As in all things in a eco-cycled world, shit can be very useful. Take fire for example. ~JS


Approximate Totals:
[ 7 ] Yes, everything is shit
[ 5 ] No, not everything is shit
[ 1 ] I need more evidence
[ 1 ] I'd rather not express an opinion
[ 0 ] Could I have some time to think it over?

(Contradictory and/or ambiguous votes were not counted but do appear above. Thanks for participating!)