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January 19, 2012
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Snow in Seattle is rare and when it happens
the city grinds to a leisurely halt. It's great!
The air is clean and the streets are quiet--
almost all motor vehicles are frozen in place.

More people are out on the sidewalks and
there's an easy feeling of sociability and fun.
The rats escape the maze for as long as
the streets are impassable and a lifetime
of work/consume conditioning evaporates.

Some work is necessary but there's more to
life than making money. The unemployment
crisis could be easily solved by giving
the jobless part-time work and reducing
the load of the employed to 32 hours or less.
The four-day workweek is long overdue.

Most problems facing humanity today have
been created and sustained for profit--war,
pollution, the police state, unemployment,
famine, and younameit. These crises are
perpetuated because the root causes are
seldom addressed at the nodes where
public opinion is reinforced--schools,
churches, workplace, gov't, and media.

Snow gives us a blank page, a chance
to reevaluate and unlpug from the chase,
if only for a day. The window opens for a
moment, we breathe, then it closes again.