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January 24, 2010

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Yes, Virginia, there was a time you could smoke on Amtrak's Empire Builder...

Since I returned from Czech Republic I've been hunkering down. Reviewing photos and videos. I'd been letting them pile up for years. Now I'm plowing through. I've been doing this website for an even 12 years as of today. That's so long ago that I was still occasionally shooting 35mm film back then, as with this print which I later drew on. I did a whole series of such doodles, most of which were promptly given away. Luckily, I met someone who has a bunch and he's going to lend them back so I can scan them. Prints, digital images, videos, audio, notebooks--if I've been slacking on this website it's only because I'm trying to manifest the backlog in some realized form. I usually use this anniversary to beg for donations, but not this year. Instead, you can show your support by purchasing artifacts which will be highlighted here throughout 2010.