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October 30, 2009

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I'm totally in love with the land here. Honza came to visit from Prague last night but we didn't overdo it and woke up
feeling more or less fine. Went next door to Jarda's where his other next-door neighbor's sheep seemed like it
wanted to make friends with Uhlik the cat. It looked curious, lonely, and sad. We toured the greenhouses
then made ourselves scarce as he and his wife have been working overtime getting flowers ready for
Souls Day when Czechs visit the graves of their departed. We walked the dirt road out around back
and watched fighter jets take off from the nearby airbase, wondering what it'd be like to be part of
that subculture. We guessed those folks might not be into what we were doing--sharing a smoke,
climbing giant haypiles, and looking at the turned-up dirt of the fields as if we were waiting for
it to tell us something. We could have sat there all day if the sun hadn't slipped behind some
clouds. Then you could tell we were on the edge of something, the breeze a knife the first
slice of winter. We danced over mud past the dairy where plastic-wrapped hay is bundled
in capsules like convenience store food for the bovine prisoners. The flag of this
is blue, white, and gold for the sky, clouds, and growth that feed the
body and soul. I hate to go. In the afternoon I went and signed away the
house I've had here since 2004. It just wasn't tenable but I'm keeping a
 piece of the land and hope that'll be enough to maintain the conn-
 ection to a place that's now in my blood and maybe always was.