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September 24, 2006


Every time we ride a new route I like to exclaim, "We're on an adventure!" It could be just around the block not at all far from the house, but if it's the first time, it's still an adventure and I'll shout, "We're on an adventure!" Sarah will respond, "We're on an adventure!" Then I'll repeat, "We're on an adventure!" And so on as we pedal, curious about what we'll find up ahead.

It's easy to go on such adventures around here. You couldn't really get lost even if you tried. The wilderness here was tamed centuries ago--although you still have to watch out for wild boar--but that doesn't mean it's not a place of great natural beauty. There are still forests, it's just they're not very deep. Go in any one direction long enough and you're sure to come out the other side, probably close to a village with a map posted in a prominent public place. Still, it's an adventure!

After visiting Castle Trebesice, we rode towards Kutna Hora on an unexplored road--"We're on an adventure!" Nicole, not used to riding so much, called it bicycle boot camp. It was a bit uphill at first but then it flattened out on a long plateau between fields where drying sunflowers rustled and rattled as they knocked their dessicated heads against one another. It reminded me of Congress.

We weren't sure where we going exactly but it's easy to wing it here what with lots of towers and steeples serving as landmarks. A combination of luck, instinct, and signage got us to where we wanted to be on the first try and the adventure ended for the time being as we entered a familiar traffic circle on the outskirts of town.