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September 24, 2006


     No, it's not the bone church again--it's bread,
part of an installation at Castle Třebešice and the
resemblance to the local world famous ossuary is
intentional. About 1,000 skulls have been baked so far
and more are planned. It's an incredible bit of luck that
Třebešice is just a few kilometers from our place in Jakub.
Sarah, Nicole and I rode there today and gracious host
Alberto gave us a guided tour of the new art center's
already amazing and rapidly growing collection of
contemporary art--most of it produced by those who've
taken part in the 5-week summer residency program.
Upholstered rifleman, embroidered amps, and oblique
were some of my faves, but the best might
ultimately be the landscaped grounds and organic garden.