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September 26, 2006




about time
a bunch of out of shape naked
white men got together on skis
to re-enact the bizarre rituals
of the leisure class. Bilé Divadlo
(White Theater) from Ostrava opened the 21st
anniversay concert/DVD release party of Už Jsme
tonight at Archa Theater in Prague. Bilé
Divadlo brings to life the skier drawings of UJD
resident artist Martin Velišek. They pantomime the
good times and bad, from successful runs to death
by exposure and subsequent alcohol-fueled
memorial service. After their performance, the new
UJD documentary was screened and then the
band performed a rousing medley with former
saxophonist Jindra Dolansky sitting in. Other
past members and 20-person choir provided
additional vocals and I couldn't resist
kicking off my shoes and diving barefoot
into the lively slam pit. I tore open my
toe and hurt my back pogo'ing on the
concrete floor but it was worth it.