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March 20, 2006
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A nice day for spring to begin.

I don't like working Mondays but sometimes I get called in--
like today and last week, too. Really, it's OK, I like what I do.

I ride my bike the usual way, down 39th, through the light and onto Burke Gilman Trail. Hands
in pockets, upright, relaxed, I pedal between parking lots and construction yards, cross five sets
of railroad tracks and I'm there. It's sunny so I lock my bike outside instead of bringing it upstairs.

First run is to the Sheraton at 6th and Union, a concrete and steel tower being gutted for remodel.
We were in what used to be the cocktail lounge. I'm guessing this because there were no windows,
there were booths on risers, and a heavy tube steel railing divided the space like a cattle pen. We were
there for some steel hourglass table bases and to remove the fir drop ceiling, one 1x4 board at a time.

While Ben, Noel, and I are doing this, the demo contractors are struggling with the five-tiered steel tube
railing. For some reason, the lights go out just as one of their guys takes a cutting wheel to the railing.
Sparks fly in the dark, the scene dimly illuminated by the twin headlights of the Bobcat with grapple
attachment waiting to ram, twist, and dislodge the railing. We go on with our work, prying boards free.
We finish, return, unload, lunch, & then I'm lucky because it's slow and I can peel off to go drop my tape at
SCAN. I leave a message for Craig & Adria asking if they want to go for a walk/bus adventure. I stop by their
place and before my hand can fall to knock, the door opens on Craig standing there in nothing but shorts.
At 3 pm he's fresh out of the shower on his way to work, but Adria's free to go. We figure we'll walk part
way and then board the 358 somewhere along our route. We go through Woodland Park where an illegally
off-leash dog is terrorizing birds, squirrels and rabbits, then around Green Lake where it touches 99. We
stop for fruit and water at PCC, then continue up the strip all the way to SCAN. I was tired but invigorated.
We took the bus back, then Sarah and Nicole took me and John to the County Line for happy hour.