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December 28, 2004

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We're watching Connie and Bruce's dog Ed, so before work I took him for a walk down the back alley. From there I saw Tahoma, the mountain white invaders renamed Rainier. It is a young volcano which for its first 700,000 or so years existed without a name. It could blow again at any time. As shown by the recent tsunami in Asia, the earth is an adolescent prone to sudden unexpected fits. Rode my bike to work in the cold, my fingers froze, on the way I met up with Joel, also on a bike. Surprisingly, despite the frost and icy windshields, Pat and Taylor also rode. One of the nice things about ReStore is how many people make a point of riding to work. |||| We spent the day at Fircrest in Shoreline, a defunct rehab facility where we've been salvaging a gym floor, lab cabinets, big sinks, windows, doors, miscellaneous educational materials and one big pulldown movie screen. The day was a mix of sun and fog, bright light and an atmosphere like white gauze. Some would say the place was creepy, but by the end of the day its just nice to be able to leave and enjoy the leisurely drive home under streetlight fog haloes. We stopped at Mighty-O where good old Weiss hooked us up with a big box of vegan organic donuts after closing. |||| The day is full of timelessness. At times the job seems frustrating (what am I doing kicking nails for hours at a time?), but then I remember to take stock and breathe. Thus it opens up. At night, Sarah and I settled into bed with laptop DVD player to watch Rivers and Tides. Just as we were about to hit play, Eddie started barking. I went to the door to check things out. There was John Berry! Come in! We made room for him and watched the movie together. Nothing starts or ends.

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