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March 21, 2006
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You can measure a day by the distance between
the places you have been. With both my bikes
left behind at The RE Store I took the bus to work
this morning. It's a nice gradual uphill walk to the
44 westbound stop at fremont and 46th streets.
You pay as you leave on this leg and I do and take
a transfer in the unlikely event I get sent home. No such luck today,
we resume a big job on the east side, 2700 sq. ft. of newly installed improperly milled
4" white oak to be pried up, sorted, and destapled by cutting twin fastener shafts with a
Sawzall. We finished the upstairs 1/3 last week but had to interrupt our work while the
mill people came to investigate the claim that something went wrong with their wood.
For some reason I go on a pulling tear today. I pop boards all day while Ben and Noel
take turns sawing staples and bundling the wood with narrow bands of cling wrap. Pulling
and sorting was like doing an installation in an ultramodern steel and glass lakeside gallery.
After work, Ben, Jeremy, Rachel, and I cracked a couple of beers left behind by Taylor.
After 8, I rode my bike 4 blocks to the eastbound 44 stop at market and 14th ave NW.
It came almost immediatley, which was a relief because I was worn out and I seldom sit at
bus stops. I took the OWL transfer to add to my collection. (The way it works is you have
two hours to use a transfer, but the nicer metro operators set the tear in your favor.) On the
downhill roll home from phinney and 46th I stopped at Craig & Adria's to pick up Sarah's
boots and the bag I left behind yesterday. They fed me then we freaked out playing with Barbies....