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January 13, 2005

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Thursday January 13 2005 6:30 pm

I have my doubts that this automated process* will save time, and at least one person has written to say the old way is better, but I will persist and experiment--maybe i will get quicker with it after a while. it is a lot less painstaking that HTML'ing by hand.

So my sister sent my 8-year-old nephew David's John Kerry Halloween costume mask by UPS. The box was practically weightless! When I opened it I saw this (pictured left). Crumpled newspaper gave shape to the face but the eyes were dead. I look back at this past election and imagine a gentleman's agreement, skull and bones handshake with a wink that says: May the best man win (by whatever means).

Because I too am a gangly ivy leaguer, some friends asked me to portray JFK in their anti-inaugural street theater. I might do it, tho experience tells me i am more comfortable behind the camera (the history of which can be rewritten easier).

*This originally appeared in blog form. My doubts were confirmed.