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January 12, 2005

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Wednesday January 12 2005 4:20 pm got off work early so i'm starting this bolg. (expect plenty more type-os in coming times!) are days numbered? not really. only paychecks and schedules are numbered. submit to control. the sky is glowing, light organe, overcast but translucent clouds. i'm listening to portland bike ensemble on portable phonograph my sister gave me (numark pt01); they record sounds made with bike-derived instruments--or m aybe just the bikes themselves. i will find out january 20 at gallery 1412 on capitoal hill. i don't thinkthey're to be missed. peace out and keep fighting the fuckaz.

[this and most of the next 2 weeks' installments were part of an aborted attempt to establish a PoD blog in addition to this already blog-like entity, but i was not happy with that level of automation, gave it up, transferred contents here.]