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January 14, 2005

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It's Jesse's birthday today. He was born the same year and day as my childhood best friend Chet. I last spoke with Chet a year ago. Kinda sad. A couple of weeks ago, Jesse gave me some orange crate stickers after he cleaned out his old Toyota for quick cheap sale. I'm sending this one as a postcard to my 10-year-old niece who likes horses. I wrote:

Dear Sarah,
Never trust a knight. They wear armor because folks are out to get them. Why? Because a knight's job is to increase and protect the stolen wealth of kings. The horse would rather have nothing to do with it.

Adria came over in the afternoon to work on LaBrat fashions with Sarah. Then we met Craig at Blue C for happy hour, where I freaked people out by slipping aviator glasses over my John Kerry mask and sipped gin and tonic through a swizzle stick. To our delight, Jesse and Linda were there with Jesse's parents (in from Colorado). I put the mask on again for them and did a little dance. Then Adria, Craig, Sarah and I went home and laughed our heads off watching a legal bootleg of TEAM AMERICA which a family friend purchased in South Korea.