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December 25, 2002

unwrapping this year's best present,
Shakespeare Never Did This, a travelogue
of charles bukowski's 1978 book tour in France
and Germany. from it: People liked to take photos.
I didn't dislike it. I felt it only caught the process
of dying, held it still a moment, and yes,
that could be funny.
poor sam--tried to bury his candy cane chewtoy in the corner of the den--another example of instinct conflicting with the world we have built for ourselves
pope dream
pope closeup, black-and-white surveillance,
backstage before an appearance, android-like,
encased in mobile life support, lights up
a Disney cigarette with the logo very apparent,
tip burning slowly towards it. he makes his way
to the podium, so sweet, bulletproof, infallible,
he wipes the ash on his fingers behind his back
where no one will see it...      ~xmas morning dream

word from monte
finally heard from monte. he has been hard to reach.
he's been hopping from house to house, checking on
people's pets. it seems a holy thing to do at christmas,
with a litany fit for caroling:
7 cats, a guinea pig, 2 rats, a goldfish, a guppy,
an underwater frog and absolutely no dogs...

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