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December 26, 2002

fuck you - i got mine and i'm gonna burn yours
'tis the season for cross-country driving. we luck out--
no snow to speak of between minneapolis and ohio
while the northeast gets buried under the worst blizzard
in memory--another climate change extreme?
we're both sad to no longer be in new york to enjoy it.
our rented car is cozy, a bubble, outside seems a dream.
NPR broadcasts horseshit--endless minutes devoted
to "how to return gifts" and an already millionaire who won
the $300 million multistate lottery. money, money, money.
upside is we have a tape from kristina and monte, and then
there's an interview with grand master flash, the man who
first turned turntables into musical instruments. as miroslav
says, there's always some good as well as the bad.

times like these i need to remind myself.


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