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December 24
, 2002

i've been having really vivid dreams lately, but i've been too lazy to rouse myself to write them down. too lazy.

last night it was something about mind control. in it, it was the explanation for most Americans' apathy. too apathetic to read, learn, share, volunteer, care, conserve. too lazy for everything but earn, spend, and watch TV.

maybe that's unfair, but, like i said, it was just a dream.

not unexpected after staying up late to finish Michael Moore's
Stupid White Men in one sitting. i've been working (mentally,
at least) on a list of new year's re[v]olutions which i'll convert
to .pdf and post here on new year's day. it's going to be a
to-do list good for any day in 2003. i'll print it on some-
thing that looks like money, to be carried in wallet and
left with tips. on it will be simple actions (volunteer one
day a month, watch less tv, etc.--your suggestions
are welcome) which i hope will help connect us to
each other better. on that list as of now will be
reading this book. in it, michael moore details
who's who in the 2000 U.S. coup and other
problems facing the USA. it's a scorcher. how
anyone could read this and not be moved to
action is beyond me. unless, of course,
there's something to the mind control dream.