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April 2, 2002

had to bust out to lunch--OTL--
a sunny day, enough of this screen,
jumped on sarah's green bike
to check the happy hooker
but the shutters were down--
curse these winter hours.
the mountains were out
and so was the sun, a sym-
phony of whites and blues,
the dull silver glint of
puget sound. i hate my life,
mad at myself for not getting
it together like dave, who
has the guts and oomph to follow
his dream--was that him above
in a prop plane circling
the space needle? might've been,
so i waved as i suddenly happy
pedalled in search of a meal.
after cruising past the tourist
shacks of wafflecone and fishchip,

i turned up the hill determined
to make it to 2nd avenue pizza
but before i could get there
i bumped into darby on a corner
and we discussed her work on
the monorail and i asked if she
knew anyone who could hook me up
with some tactile work. suddenly,
water flooded the gutter, spilling
out of a pipe up the street for no
apparent reason. i found a sidewalk
table at western grocery and ate
ethiopian vegetarian stew, $3.99.
the ride back was all headwind
and i had to pee. just about to
round the last bend away from
the mountains, a seagull scored
a direct hit to my right ear
and i swore i heard him laughing
as i dug a finger in to scoop
the poop out. a lucky day for me.