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April 1, 2002

After meeting to discuss the importance of creating lots of good car-free propaganda, greg lundgren of vital 5 productions here in seattle showed me the way by setting me up with a sheet of acetate and instructions in how to cut it. It's been a loooongtime dream of mine to sell Picture of the Day t-shirts to make me a millionaire, so a quick trip to Kinko's and I had my pattern, enlarged from the little man up there, a post-it note doodle from my first office job. A quick frame, stretched silk, and lots of lacquer thinner and blocking paint later and I had my first screen, along with a jar of ink and squeegee to make my first print.

You too can learn the joys of silkscreen creation, and help the car-free cause while you're at it:

Car-free Seattle Silkscreening Workshop
Thursday, April 18, 2002   7 - 10 pm
Vital 5 Productions, 2200 Westlake Ave
Bring shirts to print. $5 suggested materials fee.
RSVP so we know how much stuff to get.

greg cuts a
                      frame for my first silkscreen