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April 3, 2002

I won't say skateboarding is the only thing keeping me sane
because that would presuppose sanity and anyway sane/insane
is an artificial duality based on semantics and society, so let me just say
that floating down the paved slopes of seattle is an easy bliss
i like to fall into, a meditation and release, the kind of satisfaction
vonnegut describes finding in books. lately, i've been (re?)rerereading
Breakfast of Champions and its sequel Timequake, the only words
i've been able to sit with, not enough time gone to begin rereading
bukowski and i wonder if it'll come to that or maybe i'll just sell
that stack, time at a premium like never before
and it seems to be running out faster than ever,
gaining momentum... skating, books, and metal
work my only brakes on the wild downhill ride of life,
in which i find this page, this outlet, less and less important
tho' i'm happy about its wake, not too bad to stand at the stern
looking back watching where i've been churn, froth, dissipate.

how are you? what's doing? remember when those planes hit?

i spent a day in the desert confined to my tent with an eye injury,
a whole day with nothing to do but think (moving made my whole
body hurt--ever scratch your cornea?), and i pondered all the con-
ditioning that went into making me me. church, school, TV. whoa.
who are you and how'd you get that way? is it too late to change?