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March 16, 2002

The set-up was primitive but a big improvement over the last time I played records at Steve's. A used mixer from Heavy, a new Stanton STR8-50 turntable, and a slide projector borrowed from Andi playing old pix against an adbusters flag hung in the window like a 2-sided screen. The mix ran from ska to nigerian funk to old new wave to reggae to ac/dc and mdc. I took it down with some t-rex, "life's a gas," and rick leaned against the wall listening as i sang along--no, it really doesn't matter at all... when the song was over he said, "rip it up, rob," and tripped over the phono cord, hurling my old onkyo to the floor. i go
                          grover, go lola!underreacted but it was an effort and it got me thinking, "who gives a fuck? it's just stuff"--but i know i still have a lot of stupid feelings in me. after a little coaxing and tlc, the platten got spinning again, miraculously. i watched smoke from incense dance in the colored slidelight, and lee, steve, and i mellowed out at 3 a.m. to indian ragas and tablas underlaid with lenny bruce, whose rants sounded like chants because he was a holy man...