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March 24, 2002

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                          notes from the underground

yeah, dog, i wasn't kidding when i said i was tired of looking at this screen--picture of the day is more like picture of the week. haven't even been photographing much. not to say it's over (just took my 63,000th shot with kodak dc210--hell of a camera), but i'm definitely taking a break from it, pursuing another, older interest--making magazines. 3 issues in 3 weeks of notes from the underground (love that dostoevski). go zines! i like the idea of things you can read on the bus, stuff in your pocket. they're getting to know me at the copy shop, cut me little discounts on blue card stock. this site will always be free, and if i ever get a scanner to function for longer than its warranty i'll post NFTU here in its entirety, but the only way to get it for sure is by subscribing. otherwise, sing me a song when you see me and i'll give you the current issue free--although they don't last because i only make 20 of each. issue #4 will be found sounds abound around downtown, a CD compilation celebrating sidewalk culture. it will focking ruck.