footprints in snow, like diamonds, are

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March 8, 2002

                        and steve at ladro - which one is real? neither!
                        trick question and you and i both are looking at
                        a screen...
inside out at cafe ladro

Something someone said last night really stuck with me: How much longer can people go on just staring at rectangles?

Oh my god, I thought, that is me! How'd I get sucked into the machine? Little kitty never saw the vacuum cleaner coming.


The snow was cold and felt like reality. The way it transformed everything reminded me that change can be instant and rekindled the itch to travel. What does happen to a dream deferred? In between festering and exploding, there is filing away, the unchecked item on the to-do list: live today.

But for the time being there was no place better than sitting at a cafe table with friends while a smiling sun melted snow to drips and the roads were kind of quiet, a friday morning snow day in seattle.  i wonder what others were thinking, shaken from routines, standing at their windows.