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March 7, 2002

just seconds from the federal building

Had a nice time riding the bus from work down to Washington and 2nd, walk in hail to pioneer square, where seattle art energy was swirling in a vortex stronger than the weather--Matthew Olds, Jonathan Matas, Boma Cho, Justin Mapes, Roger Boger and others standing staunch in the cold.

Bad Boy Blue electric guitar on sidewalk stoop blowing warmth into fingers b/t jams, etc, etc, lots of people, you should have been there, first thursday of every month, lots of consciousness gathering power out there.

In the Federal Building lobby, seated security guard threw joke punches at the cleaning people while GW's technicolor smear smiled down on them.

Downtown it was hail and rain, but pedaling up Dexter the snow was sticking, a tricky downhill descent with poor brakes, cars turned sideways. Thought happily, "I'm going to remember this..."