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March 3, 2002

 f r e e d
                        o m : use it or lose it
it's embarrassing but true to say this was my fourth attempt
at photographing this tattoo and i still didn't get it right. feel free
to use yr. imagination to fill in the missing letters...

We were standing on the foundry patio in the sun, red railing brilliant in foretaste of summer, Josh on eggs inside--his bi-weekly open studio brunch. Usually gets a good crowd, a nice mixed bunch. Bradley had just finished improvising a humdinger of a ditty about a dreaming dog. Jim hit the scat full swing w/ eyes closed. We discussed the pros and cons of instruments, agreed what's best is what y're born with should the day come y're locked up on some flimsy pretext. A new song: Aw, this cell isn't so small--I've been locked in my body all along. Which is really just an echo of Brent Lachapelle's poem, recited to me at my first Burning Man. It's coming up again, and I think its chief strength is the attention it bears on the cycle, another travel around the sun. It's a powerful ritual, stronger than the commercialized holidays that all blend together in a cascade of commercials and window displays. Maybe I'm just getting older, but the BMs seem to be coming faster. The sense is of a circle tightening, heightening awareness of birth/death cycle which consumer mindtrap lie of cancerous grow-at-all-costs economy seeks to override. So a lifted shirt to reveal FREEDOM tattoo fit just right and gave a glimmer of hope in face of headlines saying a shadow government of 90 unelected officials is already in place should DC be atomized.